About Daddy

Headshot of Dean PurvisDaddy is… Dean Purvis

Dean is a writer, actor and creative developer living in Los Angeles with his wife, Lyena Strelkoff. They are disgustingly in love. The kind of touchy-feely, huggy-kissy couple that leaves a trail of love-gunk in their wake. Galoshes are recommended.

As a writer, Dean has contributed to and edited for LA Weekly and OC Weekly, where he wrote for their Best of LA issue, created an automotive review column called Driver’s Side, and developed a long-running supplement for both papers highlighting the (then) growing real estate market. Outside of the Fourth Estate, Dean is an award-winning playwright whose Irish-themed play, The Sea King, has been recognized for it’s epic themes and archetypal characters.

A classically trained actor (yes, that’s a headshot up there), Dean has appeared onstage, in film, on the web and TV, including a rather embarrassing episode of reality television (a genre he now, rather snobbily, shuns entirely).  He’s performed in regional theaters across the country, was a resident actor and Managing Director of LA’s award-winning Ziggurat Theatre Ensemble, produced and performed in numerous short films and web series and even once got to ask Ally McBeal to dance (she turned him down).  If you’re so inclined, you can find out more information at DeanPurvis.com.

In 2008 Dean started Creative Tinder, a small creative development firm that helps companies and individuals turn creative sparks into vibrant reality.  He’s excited by the creative challenges that each new project presents and loves working from home, where the commute is great and he gets to make out with his office mate whenever he wants (well, almost whenever).

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